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Agents FAQs

  1. Broker support?
  2. Why join WestCo Realty?
  3. Cost to get started?
  4. Signs and business cards?
  5. Transaction Coordinators?
  6. Sales commission negotiation with clients?
  7. Office space or a conference room?
  8. How can I join WestCo Realty?

Broker support?

Broker support is available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5 pm. You can either email or call the company broker directly.

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Why join WestCo Realty?

So you can keep more of your hard earned money. At WestCo Realty, we only take on a one time fee of $550.00 per closed transaction and a $99 risk management fee per transaction, which covers the E&O insurance. We have no monthly fees, desk fees, franchise fees. No other fees at all!

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Cost to get started?

There are NO startup fees. Simply submit all the necessary paperwork into our office, and we can have you licensed with our company within the hour.

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Signs and business cards?

All WestCo Realty agents must use our trademark name and logo on all promotional/marketing materials. We have agreements with business card and sign companies. They have our company templates in stock, and you can simply order from them. You will receive the order forms upon sign up.

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Transaction Coordinators?

You are required to use our in house Transaction Coordinators on all your files (except if you are an experienced agent). The fee for this is $250. You can bill your client directly through escrow for this fee or you can pay it out of your earned commission. We require all of our agents to use our in house TC's for compliance reasons. The TC's are trained in compliance and they know what is required by the DRE for all files

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Sales commission negotiation with clients?

Yes, you determine the total sales commissions on your transactions.

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Office space or a conference room?

Yes. All of our agents work from either their homes or personal offices.

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How can I join WestCo Realty?

Simply print out all of our forms on the "JOIN US" page, sign and date and either fax or email back to our office. We can get you up and running within the hour!

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